King's League II

MYR 29.90
Developer Kurechii
Publisher Kurechii
Release Date 2019-11-07



Enter the King’s League and prepare yourself for battle!King’s League II is the sequel to the award-winning strategy simulation RPG. Recruit and manage fighters of different classes before entering tactical battles of glory. Lead your team to victory and climb the most prestigious League in Kurestal!Assemble your Best Roster of Fighters!Break through defences with a team of damage dealers, or hold with steadfast defenders for the perfect counter! Unique class traits allow you to develop strategies and adapt to situations.Recruit fighters of over 30 different classes, each with unique traits!Meet and hire rare individuals with tales to share.Tailor team compositions for different play styles and challenges.Hone your Fighters and Plan your Victories!Make meaningful decisions with the limited resources you have. Plan around the calendar and upgrade your facilities. Prepare your fighters for battles using engaging user interfaces redesigned from scratch.Train your fighters to different effects based on their personalities.Achieve higher levels of power with class advancements.Upgrade facilities to further help your fighters improve.Watch the calendar and make use of limited time before battles.Manage your fighters with responsive and informative game interfaces.




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