DeLight: The Journey Home

MYR 0.00
Developer DreamTree Studio Sdn. Bhd.
Publisher DreamTree Studio Sdn. Bhd.
Release Date 2020-11-19



In this pitch-back world, you have lit an eternal light within my heart…Game IntroductionStory of Sammy, a girl blinded in war, and her journey to find her lost parents.Play as Sammy and step into a perilous journey into the unknown, with the help of her seeing-eye dog Deli… Every decision you make will influence her fate…Characteristics△Feel and experience the world of the blind△Heartwarming story + puzzle-solving adventures△Work together with your seeing-eye dog to solve puzzles△Immersive experience: Storyline featuring quick-time events△Multiple potential story outcomes, choose your character's destinyAccoladesMalaysia Levelup kl 2019 Best StoryTaipei Game Show 2020 Best Story (Nominated)IMGA Best Mobile Game (Nominated)Story BackgroundSammy was raised by her grandfather because her parents worked far away from home. Her peaceful life came crashing down one day -- her hometown has declared a state of emergency?!Fearful of the spreading war, Grandpa took on a journey with Sammy to reunite with her parents with resolution, until an accident left him dead and Sammy permanently blind, never to see light again…Sammy later encountered her indispensable companion on this journey: Deli the seeing-eye dog.Our little Sammy will learn how to get along with different people and uncover hidden secrets as she travels through a city filled with danger with her seeing-eye dog Deli.Sammy will face all of these dilemmas as the player steers her fate.




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