Blood Bond - Into the Shroud (Enhanced Edition)

MYR 54.00
Developer W.R.K.S Games LTD
Publisher W.R.K.S Games LTD
Release Date 2022-01-17



Blood Bond: Into the Shroud Enhanced Edition brings back the nostalgia of old-school RPGs. With no hand-holding and few strict paths to follow, you will be rewarded for your exploration across Jordenheim and the discoveries you make. Blood Bond: Into the Shroud Enhanced Edition is heavily inspired by Norse myths and legends. Blood Bond: Into the Shroud Enhanced Edition brings more weapons, skills, crafting, quests, and combat encounters. Adding three different levels of difficulty, you have more control over your gameplay. Play the role of Astrid, a young Viking witch, and daughter of two heroes of yore. After a curious turn-of-events, Astrid sets out to find her estranged father in an attempt to save her mother. Dig deeper into the truth behind your family's history and discover the strength that lies within. Talents: Pray to the Gods to receive their blessing. What is bestowed upon you is completely up to them. Gain talents in a variety of ways from quests, boons from the gods, or discovering them through exploration. Talents may change with each playthrough. Combat: Will you battle or choose a stealth route to avoid enemies. Choose from a spear, bow or spells to attack enemies. Exploration & Discovery: Dive directly into exploring your environment. You’ll gain XP for everything you do from picking plants for medicine or discovering a mysterious setting. Status Effects: Create buffs, debuffs, or states to aid in your journey. Don’t discredit a status effect as it may be beneficial in one situation and detrimental in another. Crafting: Gather and craft clever items to ensure you succeed in your journey. Crafting is an essential part of your journey as you may not be able to obtain all talents, traits, and abilities on your journey.




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