What Happened

MYR 44.00
Developer Sourena
Publisher KATNAPPE SP. Z O. O., Sourena Game Studio
Release Date 2020-07-31



“What Happened puts you in the shoes of high-school student Stiles, a teenage boy suffering from acute anxiety and depression. You must guide him through the dark and twisted corridors of his own sub-conscious, with his fate depending entirely on your empathy with his tortured state of mind.” Key Features: - Psychological thriller in which you guide high school student Stiles on an uncompromising journey through his troubled teenage mind. - Unique first person perspective on an individual’s journey through anxiety and depression. - Densely atmospheric world of waking nightmares infused with distorted memories. - Environmental puzzles and cues guide you through the twisted corridors of Stiles’ mind. - The empathy you show for the character will subtly affect the outcome of his journey.




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