Zombie Soup

MYR 0.00
Developer AeonSparx Interactive
Publisher AeonSparx Interactive
Release Date 2021-08-01



Zombie Soup is a fast-paced top down shooter that follows the adventures of Ricky, a young college freshman on a backpack trip seeking to explore the world during the summer break. He inadvertently finds himself in a small town that is celebrating an annual festivity after waking up from a long train journey, and soon discovers that the most of the townspeople have been turned into zombies and monsters! INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE! Find the remaining townspeople to uncover the mysteries behind the zombie outbreak and the festival through conversations filled with witty humour. But be warned, your choices and actions can lead to a different outcome of the story! RETRO VIBES! Relive the nostalgic vibes of the 80’s when arcade joints and bellbottoms were popular! FAST-PACED ACTION! Put your shooting and dodging skills to the ultimate test against countless brain-eating zombies that will chase after you non-stop across rooms! CRAZY BOSS FIGHTS! Encounter strange enemies and ridiculously challenging bosses with bizarre abilities! LOCK N’ LOAD! Upgrade and equip powerful perks to help mow down larger hordes of zombies! MULTITUDE OF WEAPON CHOICES! Unlock over 50 different weapons from trusty shotguns to outrageous weapons with effects that deal insane damage!




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